Luxury is Still Out There

The new Omni Fort Worth Hotel is filling up with bookings and creating a stir even though it hasn't even finished production yet. The construction of the lavish luxury hotel is getting closer to completion every day, but still the huge statement windows have yet to be installed and opening dates are set for early 2009.

Despite this wait for indulgence to be realised, the management have been inundated with reservation enquires and requests and have therefore erected a dedicated signage board with the hotel's contact details for those who wish to book in early. Of course every business would rather have too much business than not enough and with construction which started in 2006, the locals have been watching each stage of this luxurious construction process with interest.

The hotel construction is valued at $182 million and is located adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Centre. Tourists, locals and business people who pass by the site each day often stop and stare at the magnitude of the construction and even though the hotel is yet to be completed, it is clear the finished product will be stunning.

With the excitement, interest and the amount of advance bookings the Omni Hotel has received, it is clear to see that people are still looking for a little luxury in their lives. Luxury in your everyday life can be hard to find, but this magnificent construction is proof that it is still out there. And even if only half of the people who gawk at the luxury of the hotel can afford a room in it when it's finished, that luxury will be even more pronounced for it being so coveted.

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