Range Rover Mayfair Limousine

Range Rover Mayfair Limousine

Range Rover is not the first brand which comes to mind when you think about luxury limousines, but it is the most recent manufacturer to make the foray into limousine production. The Range Rover Mayfair comes in a 300 or 600 model, each respectively 300 mm or 600 mm longer than the standard wheel base model.

However, no one would ever doubt the luxury, style and comfort of a Range Rove and one peek in the window will make you wish you had a free weekend to go four wheel driving if it meant you could recline in the plush seats and enjoy the modern accessories of these tried and tested vehicles. The Range Rover limousine is therefore no exception and has been created to fill the niche of a stylish and classy limousine which is functional too.

Designed to enthral the passengers, the 4x4 limousine can be made with full armouring on request and since the design already allows for this protection, none of the comfort or performance are compromised by the added safety. With production based in Berkshire you can also be sure you are supporting a local brand and one which has outlasted many others in its industry.

As well as unsurpassed security features, the Mayfair Range Rover limousine also has reclining aircraft style seating in the rear for your comfort and well being. As the seats recline, the back rest is lowers and the leg rest raises into place and with a multitude of different positions there will be one for your comfort level.

The panoramic glass roof also allows you to enjoy a view of the clouds rushing across the sky or the stars peeking through at night as you recline in your seat. The tinted glass also allows extra light in, without blinding you to the sun and there is also a blind for complete black out.

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