Privacy from Alcohol

One of the most popular things people will associate with a limousine ride is being able to slide the partition up between the passenger and the chauffeur for a little privacy. However, that partition is not only for the privacy of the passengers, it can also be to separate the chauffeur from the alcohol consumption going on in the back.

Also, in the larger super stretch limousines and party bus SUV limousines some of the modifications can often lead to there being a completely open space between the chauffeur and the passengers, the same way you would see an open space on a public bus, or a school bus for example. Therefore, some limo hire companies will try to ensure their chauffeur is left to concentrate on driving and is not distracted, or approached by their passengers.

This can be done by installing a complete sliding door system between the chauffeur and the passengers and this not only separates the chauffeur from the drinking which may be going on, it also stops the passengers chatting to the chauffeur while they are concentrating on manoeuvring their oversized limousine.

Also, in party bus limousines which have actually been converted from large buses, partitioning the passengers from the driver area also means the chauffeur can keep an eye on the door to ensure their passengers don't slip out while the limo is moving. In some models of bus the doors can be opened while the vehicle is moving and having passengers operating this door while their limousine is moving poses serious safety concerns.

Other party bus limousines will simply put up signs, or paint lines and ask their passengers not to cross too close to their chauffeur. Putting up a solid partition between the chauffeur and the passenger may also not be an option for safety reasons as there should be a clear exit down the aisle and if there is a partition behind the driver, this emergency exit could be seen as being blocked.