Pollution Consuming Limousine

Pollution Consuming Limousine

Often the focus for luxury vehicles is to make them more fuel efficient because due to their size they use more fuel, and to make sure that the emissions they are putting back into the atmosphere are fewer, and less toxic. However, BMW have gone one step further and not only created a luxury car which runs on hydrogen fuel, but also one which makes the air cleaner as it drives.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 uses an internal combustion, mono-fuel engine which produces almost no emissions. Being based on the already environmentally friendly BMW Hydrogen 7 bi-fuel which runs on gasoline and hydrogen, the new mono-fuel engine is optimised in such a way to allow it to run solely on hydrogen, without losing any of the performance, comfort, safety and style aspects from the original BMW 7 Series.

The mono-fuel BMW runs on a 6 litre internal combustion engine and since the consumed hydrogen has no carbon, the engine itself produces no CO2, hydrocarbons or other pollutants. However, with the pollutants which already exist in the air being consumed by the engine, and minute amounts of lubricating oil, the new Hydrogen 7 has virtually undetectable emissions.

This breakthrough in reducing vehicle emissions is the result of over 25 years of hydrogen research and development by BMW, demonstrating the manufacturer's commitment to hydrogen infrastructure. In building a vehicle with almost no emissions and one which at the same time will consume existing harmful emissions in the air, BMW have paved a way to provide customers with the style and comfort they want in their vehicles, and which they have come to expect from BMW, with the ability to assuage the consumer conscience and secure the future of hydrogen fuels.

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