Limousine Expenses

limousines are often used by business executives and government officials during the course of their working duties to make their day a little bit easier. Being picked up for a meeting in a limousine gives you time to prepare and go over your notes or simply relax and get your thoughts in order for the day ahead.

However, there seems to be a fine line between convenience and abuse of office in Vancouver where the now former Minister for Human Resources was found to be talking regular trips in expensive limousines and abusing her privilege while those in her constituent where financially struggling.

The disgraced Minister is said to have ignored the needs of working parents and struggling families while she was travelling the country promoting the initiatives her department has implemented which have been found to be insufficient for the needs of these struggling families.

The Minister was found to be spending large amounts on limousines to take her to the airport and was found to be using one of the most prestigious limousine companies in Canada. Even more insulting to her voters, on the same day that the Minister's staff hired a rental car, she went on to hire a limousine for several times the cost.

While it can be important for those in office to require space and time to gather their thoughts, it is also important that those in power do not lose sight of how they got there and what they are trying to achieve.

Limousines are a great treat and if your company, business or department can afford to hire them, then you can take advantage of their convenience. However, in the case of a Minister who is there to help her financially struggling citizens and is squandering her party's money, it is irresponsible.

However, if she, or you, had wanted to hire a limousine to take you out after work on a Friday night to celebrate a political breakthrough or would like to hire a limousine for a charity event or raffle prize to raise money for your area, contact Limo Hire Cardiff now for more information.