2007 Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is one of the most recognisable and popular limousines on the road. It has classic styling and the style of a classic which makes it sought after by connoisseurs of limousines as well as those looking for a limousine with understated class, but plenty of it.

Lincoln Town Cars have been in production for many years and have managed to keep up with all of the essential limousine developments without succumbing blindly to the ‘bigger is better' motto.

However, after the production of the 2007 model, Lincoln will be moving their production of the ‘old technology' Town Car to Canada where it will be phased out to make way for a newer model. While Lincoln fanatics are concerned about a quintessentially American limousine being produced in Canada, they also feel that the shift of production will mean an end to the advancement of the Town Car all together.

But before the Town Car is lost to the Canadians, the American manufacturers have produced another winning luxury limousine. In the course of the newer models, the Lincoln Town Car ceased to be available in the signature dark blue inside and out. However, for the 2007 model, Lincoln has revived the dark blue exterior.

The 2007 Lincoln Town Car also has also carried over the safety and security features of the earlier models and sat that all atop a 4.6 litre V8 engine, running through a four speed electronic automatic transmission for a smooth but powerful ride.

For your riding comfort there is also electronic temperature control, front and rear stabiliser bars and premium leather trimmed seats. To turn heads from the outside the 2007 Lincoln Town Car features 17”, nine spoke aluminium wheels.

The 2007 Town Car does not scrimp on the space either and has plenty of room up the front for the chauffeur as well as ample shoulder and head room for all passengers in the back while they enjoy their dual media sound system and satellite radio.

There are also no worries about the safety of this limousine as the 2007 Lincoln Town Car is the first in its class to earn a five star safety rating. While you may not be in a position to purchase a new Town Car to grace your driveway, you can always take the opportunity to contact Limo Hire Cardiff who can track down a Lincoln limousine in your area.